About Us

The FM Center Circuit is the largest radio organization in Venezuela and has stations that reach various audiences, forming a high audience, both in the capital and nationwide. It has specialized frequency modulated stations: Fiesta 106.5 with pure sauce and all the flavor of the Caribbean. Hot 94.1, a concept full of concerns that young people “trip” to the maximum. 91.9 “Candela pura” with all the hits that sound the most and the Romántica, 88.9, straight to your senses. In the modulated amplitude band we have the AM Center Circuit, with its parent station RQ 910, with danceable tropical music and information and 1,300 dedicated to the romantic hits of yesterday. Another plus of the Circuit is its Helicopter, Traffic Center, which reports on the movement of traffic in the metropolitan area of ​​the City of Caracas,

Fiesta 106.5 FM is a station specialized in Latin music, and has the highest audience in the metropolitan area of ​​the City of Caracas, as well as nationwide. We are carriers of the beautiful message of salsa and all its expressions and variants. We transmit encouragement and above all faith in the future and in our people. A radio station that lives in the heart of the town.